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Suits Homes is a Modular home builder and licensed general contractor which has been building the best possible modular homes in North Carolina for over three decades. Our company is family owned and operated,our family has worked really hard for the last 35 years to give you the best quality modular homes.

In our Model Centers we provide our customers with the most communicative and professional consultants who help guide you in the process of building and choosing your new home. In addition to providing you with the best consultants we also have model homes in our model centers to give our customers a better view of which house suits them the best.

Before the customers choose their new modular homes we give them a catalogue to choose one of 200 plans. Customers can also choose extra options other than those in the catalogue like custom cabinetry, your choice of flooring, sliding windows or rotating windows, etc and all this is to make your dream home into your new home.

Modular homes have already made their place in the market and it is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world of buildings and the reason behind this is that they are efficient; less time consuming and less costly and most importantly these homes are built with some really special concentration and accuracy. Due to the good reputation of modular homes on the market you can get easy financing for your new home as it is always a strong investment and the chances of loss are really low.

With the Modular Building Technologies Modular homes are built 4 times faster than site constructed homes. It takes 3 months at the most to build a modular home but on the other hand it takes almost 10-12 months to build a site built home. The reason behind such a quick process is that in a factory, different things are done on different assemblies and at the end all the largest parts are joined and a large structure of the home is formed but in the site constructed house this cannot be done. Everything needs to be done one small step at a time and that adds months to construction. Another thing to consider is that; you may begin laying foundation for your new home at the same time the home is being built in the factory. Which means you don’t have to wait for the foundation to be laid before construction on your home begins.

Speaking of the most important reasons for buyinga modular home, firstly, they are energy efficient.Modular homes have shown a really high rate of energy efficiency. The standard use of R-13 to R-19 in the walls and R-30 in the roof is proven to be very energy efficient. And secondly, the quality checksthat are conducted during the time the modular homes are being built. There is a huge amount of satisfaction in knowing the level of inspection that takes place throughout the entire process of building each home.

Now it’s up to you! Whether you call or click, when you learn more about modular homes, you will be amazed at what we can do for you and your family.

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